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Vietnam – Expanded Program on Immunization

Country spotlight presentation given by Associate Professor Duong Thi Hong (Deputy Director of National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Deputy Manager of Expanded Program on Immunization) during the LNCT December 2017 Hanoi Meeting. The presentation introduces EPI Vietnam, its financing, and its plan for Gavi transition.

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WHO-UNICEF guidelines for developing a comprehensive multi-year plan (cMYP)

WHO-UNICEF comprehensive multi-year plan (cMYP) for immunization guidelines offers planning and costing tools for managers to follow when developing a  cMYP or ensuring the quality of an existing one. This document is not intended to encompass all strategies for developing these plans but instead an up-to-date, comprehensive single method.

Value of Immunization Compendium of Evidence (VoICE) tool

VoICE is a browsable, queryable online database intended to capture the many ways in which immunization can be valued, and the evidence supporting this more comprehensive view of the value of vaccination. The information contained in the compendium has been drawn from peer-reviewed literature, expert commentaries and other high quality sources and synthesized with policy-focused … Continued

Gavi Country Hub

Gavi collated links to news and resources for Gavi-eligible and graduating countries to act as a central hub for accessing information on immunization programs within countries, Gavi’s policies, and salient articles or from partner organizations.

Vaccine Position Papers

A collection of position papers from the World Health Organization’s Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals Department. The documents summarize essential background information on the respective diseases and vaccines, and conclude with the current WHO position concerning their use in the global context. /

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