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Our resource library is a searchable collection of tools and documents relevant to various technical areas around the Gavi transition. The library consists of research articles, policy briefs, reports, guidebooks, country data, and other resources pertinent to Gavi transition or immunization programs generally. Some resources are available to LNCT members only and will require logging in to view.

All Materials from 2018 Global Immunization Meeting Now Available

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An Analysis Of How The GAVI Alliance And Low- And Middle-Income Countries Can Share Costs Of New Vaccines

Immunization is one of the “best buys” in global health. However, for the poorest countries, even modest expenditures may be out of reach. The GAVI Alliance is a public-private partnership created to help the poorest countries introduce new vaccines. Since 2008 GAVI has required that countries cover a share of the cost of vaccines introduced … Continued

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Sustaining GAVI-supported Vaccine Introductions in Resource-poor Countries

Since 2000, GAVI provided essential support for an unprecedented increase in the use of hepatitis B (HepB) and Haemophilus influenzae (Hib) containing vaccines in resource poor countries. This increase was supported with significant funding from international donors, intended to be time-limited. To assess the sustainability of this important expansion of the global access to vaccines, the authors of this article reviewed supply chains, financial resources for procurement and decision-making in countries that introduced hepatitis B or Hib vaccines with GAVI support.

Immunization Financing Toolkit

The Immunization Financing Toolkit is a series of short briefs on different options for
financing national immunization programs and vaccines. This version of the Toolkit is an update of the Immunization Financing Options produced by Gavi in 2001. A further updated version of this guide (titled Immunization Financing: A resource guide for advocates, policymakers, and program managers) was published in 2017.

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Guide to Working with Parliaments to Promote Children’s Health

This guide serves as an introduction to parliamentary practice and provides examples of how UNICEF has successfully engaged parliaments to promote the rights of children. The guide also provides a list of resources for further information on parliamentary engagement as well as an appendix that includes a focus on parliamentary support for achieving Millennium Development … Continued

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Framework Act on Vaccination for Latin America

Vaccination has saved millions of human lives. As a measure of prevention of transmissible diseases, immunization has proved to be a highly efficient and cost-effective public policy, without mentioning its great economic and social value as regards its administration. Several achievements as regards immunization in Latin America, particularly the eradication of poliomyelitis and measles during … Continued

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The Value of Vaccination

With the spread of immunization having stalled in many parts of the world, a wider look at its benefits is timely. In this paper, the authors discuss the value of vaccination from a broad perspective. As well as the health benefits, we examine the cost of vaccine programs and their economic impacts. Vaccination has proved … Continued

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