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New Health Care Innovations in DRC Could See an Additional 220,000 Children Vaccinated

Several innovations taking place in the Democratic Republic of Congo are creating a health care revolution. In October 2018, the Ministry of Health, working closely with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and other partners, launched a plan to increase immunization by 15% by 2020. If successful, an additional 220,000 children could be immunized. Crucial to the success of the Ministry’s plan is improved cold-chain equipment. With more reliable equipment and better methods of transportation to cover the country’s huge distances, children in the DRC will be able to reap the benefits of life-saving vaccinations. In addition to solar-powered fridges, a new vaccine storage hub, funded by Gavi, recently opened in Kinkole, can safely store more than 200 million vaccine doses and other medical supplies before they are distributed to health centers. The state of the art facility is also equipped with transportation, including 150 canoes and boats powered by outboard motors to help deliver vaccines around the country, which will lead to long-term savings for the DRC. Two additional regional hubs are planned.

This story, provided by Gavi, originally appeared in the ONE Campaign blog.

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