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Upcoming Course on Boosting Leadership to Activate Communities Beginning February 2021

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The Boost Community, in partnership with Adaptive Change Advisors and People Power Health, is excited to offer the course Boosting Leadership to Activate Communities beginning February 2021. This course in adaptive leadership and community organizing offers immunization professionals new approaches to launching and managing immunization campaigns.

This is the first course of its kind for immunization professionals. It combines the concepts and skills of adaptive leadership and community organizing, which have been developed at Harvard University for over 30 years.

Participants will learn skills for mobilizing others to create consequential change. Here are some of the scenarios which this course could help address:

•    Mobilizing stakeholders to take ownership over immunization in their communities
•    Dealing with local opposition to immunization
•    Building a team to successfully launch an immunization campaign
•    Dealing with immunization “misinformation”
•    Launching an equitable vaccination campaign

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