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WHO Region: Western Pacific region
World Bank Income Group:  Lower-middle-income country
Gavi Co-financing Status: Accelerated transition

Immunization System Highlights:

  • Vaccines procurement is done through a mix of UNICEF Supply Division and directly through four state-owned suppliers (VABIOTECH, DAVAC, POLYVAC, IVAC).
  • Decentralization is accelerating with half of general expenditures and three-quarters of capital expenditures executed. There exists considerable variation across different provinces on the amount of resources they allocate to the immunization program.
  • Since 2010, the National Immunization Program has seen a 15% average annual increase in budget, used primarily to meet pentavalent co-financing requirements. Increased investments to support operational costs could be jeopardized by multiple donor transitions (e.g. Gavi, IDA eligibility).

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