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Hold the Date: Making the Case for Health: A Messaging for Domestic Resource Mobilization

January 20, 2022

Hold the date – On 8 am – 11 am Eastern Time, (UHC – 05:00 hours), January 20, 2022 – Health Systems Flagship Program – Deep Dive Course

Making the Case for Health: A Messaging Guide for Domestic Resource Mobilization


You are cordially invited to attend the first the first World Bank Health Systems Flagship Program Course for Calendar Year 2022. This will be a World Bank Group/ Joint Learning Network – Deep Dive Course

This session will provide an in-depth look at the Making the Case for Health: A Messaging Guide for Domestic Resource Mobilization and will discuss how to use this resource and how messages can be adapted to country needs. Participants are invited to bring their current challenges in messaging the need for mobilizing domestic resources for health.  

Action requested:

  • Please put this on your calendar and share with colleagues
  • Send an Email expressing interest to Bruce Summers and Aditi Nigam
  • We will send you the registration information and link to this meeting
  • We are currently planning to facilitate this meeting in English, please let us know if you or colleagues would need translation services. Depending on Demand/Request, we may be able to offer translation and interpretation. We may have a French Version of the Messaging Guide ready for use by January 20.

Background Material:

Making the Case for Health: A Messaging Guide for Domestic Resource Mobilization was created following Domestic Resource Mobilization (DRM) collaborative member country requests for evidence-based arguments that can support communication across the health and finance sectors to make the case for investment in health. The guide has benefitted from the joint participation of health and finance policy makers in distilling and refining these messages to bridge communications in the most effective way possible.

The guide provides a set of 16 compelling messages that can be used to make the case for investment in health as a way of achieving health sector objectives, including Universal Health Coverage goals.

To resonate with finance stakeholders, key health financing topics are explained through applied macroeconomic concepts and are complemented by country experience. The guide draws on key health financing principles and functions.

DRM collaborative members’ own experiences and formative literature have been drawn on to craft each message and are highlighted in the references, which can be helpful for a deeper dive into the concepts.


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