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Increasing operational costs for routine immunization

LNCT’s new transition dashboards provide a really helpful overview of transitioning countries’ progress and challenges and also highlight some areas where additional support to countries may be needed. For example, many countries’ health expenditures are now almost fully financed by domestic resources, but a low and even decreasing portion of routine immunization expenditure is financed by the government. What is causing this and how is it affecting program performance? Do you have any experiences to share about advocating for increased operational costs for immunization? The data also show that some countries still face low overall coverage rates and geographic or income-based coverage disparities. Is there a role for LNCT to play in helping countries to identify new ways to address this broad program performance challenge? Have you looked at your country’s data and seen how it compares to the rest of LNCT? Did anything surprise you? Please share with us your comments and experiences!
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