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LNCT offers a variety of options for Gavi transitioning countries, development partners, and regional institutes to join our community in sharing experiences, learning collaboratively, and solving transition-related challenges.

Please reach out to the Network Coordinators if you are interested in joining the LNCT member portal, or if you have any feedback for LNCT or this website.

For Countries

As a country-driven network, one of LNCT’s primary goals is to serve member countries through identifying country needs and promoting inter-country collaboration. The network convenes member countries in various stages of Gavi transition that could capitalize on peer-learning to solve challenges; those interested in transition planning; countries in the final years of Gavi support; and resource countries that have fully transitioned from Gavi support. The LNCT Steering Committee meets regularly to review decisions on country membership. Countries will be notified of these membership decisions by Network Coordinators, with countries new to the network receiving a formal invitation with a welcome packet containing information about LNCT.

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For Development Partners

LNCT draws from the contributions of global, regional, and country-level development partners in fulfilling its mission to build a thriving community dedicated to successful Gavi transition and sustainable national immunization programs. Development partners supply institutional knowledge and experience, funds for LNCT activities, or some combination of both. Thanks to contributions from current partners, LNCT has established new country-to-country relationships dedicated to solving practical transition problems. If you have a resource, tool, or upcoming event related to Gavi transition that you would like to amplify on the LNCT platform, reach out to Network Coordinators.

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For Regional Institutes

LNCT works with regional institutes to better identify country demand, enhance network ties, and advance network goals. Regional institutes bolster coordination efforts and supply additional technical expertise on issues important to member countries’ Gavi transition planning and management.

LNCT welcomes the involvement and input of regional institutions with experience in LNCT countries or relevant technical expertise.

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