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Getting Started

Welcome to the Learning Network for Countries in Transition! LNCT is a community dedicated to supporting countries as they transition away from Gavi support to full domestic financing of their national immunization programs. Our information-sharing platform aims to connect Gavi transitioning country practitioners and policymakers with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to effectively manage the Gavi transition process. This getting started guide will help you understand how to navigate the platform.

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LNCT Membership

LNCT is a diverse community of Gavi countries in- or- nearing the final, accelerated phase of Gavi transition, as well as early post-transition countries, partner organizations, technical facilitators, and network coordinators who manage LNCT operations. Members of the LNCT Country Core Groups (CCGs) include country immunization practitioners and health and finance policymakers who are involved in financing and managing country immunization programs. To find out more about our countries and partner organizations, please visit Who We Are.

How to Navigate the LNCT Platform

LNCT collaborates with network partners and member countries to provide both in-person and virtual learning engagements based around member-identified priority topics within four broad focus areas. You can find out more information on the focus areas, specific topics within each one, see related resources, news, and events, and explore LNCT country transition data on our interactive dashboards by clicking on the focus area of interest on our homepage.
Our resource library is a searchable collection of tools and documents related to various technical areas around the Gavi transition. The library consists of research articles, policy briefs, reports, guidebooks, country data, and other resources pertinent to Gavi transition or immunization programs generally. You can filter the resources by topic, type, or country.
Once you register as a LNCT member, you will become a member of the LNCT discussion platform. Use the discussion forum to connect with other LNCT country teams, partners and experts. Post questions, suggestions, and share your experiences and challenges with the LNCT community. Anyone who is a member can begin a new discussion topic or respond to existing topics.
Find the latest news related to Gavi transition and immunization and upcoming events of interest to LNCT members. You can also view the archive of past LNCT newsletter issues.
LNCT’s blog offers timely insights and lessons learned on topics related to managing national immunization programs during the Gavi transition.

The LNCT directory contains the contact and biographical information of all LNCT members. Network members can view member profiles to see what organization or country they’re associated with and can also filter members by team type or country.

How to Use the Discussion Forum

Anyone who is a member can begin a new discussion topic or respond to existing topics.

  • To start a new discussion: Make sure you are logged in using your LNCT account credentials. Then, from the ‘Discuss’ page, click the ‘Start a new discussion’ button on the right-hand side. Please make sure to include a thread title and tag any topics or countries directly related to your discussion question before clicking ‘Submit’.
  • To respond to an existing discussion: Make sure you are logged in using your LNCT account credentials. Then, from the ‘Discuss’ page, click the ‘Reply’ button on the topic you would like to engage in. Type your response in the text box and click ‘Submit’.

If you are a network partner or member country and need to register for a LNCT account, please submit the member registration form on our Get Involved page; if you have a LNCT account but forgot your password, please access the ‘Member Login’ button from the top right of our homepage and click ‘I forgot my password’.

Top Resources to Get You Started

If you’re new to the LNCT platform, we’ve put together the top resources to help you get started. Explore more in our resource library. Note: Some of these resources require you to be logged in.

2. Materials for Making the Investment Case for Immunization

LNCT Materials to Help you Make the Case for Investing in Immunization

3. LNCT Brief: Considerations for Managing Immunization Programs within National Health Insurance


4. LNCT Online Learning Course on Vaccine Hesitancy and Demand Generation
Designing Behavioral Strategies for Immunization
6. How to End a Pandemic: 5 Ways to Overcome Covid Vaccine Hesitancy

a. Blog Post


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