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GAVI Guidance for Country-Level Support Proposals Under Post-transition Engagement

The Gavi Alliance Board, at its meeting in November 2017, approved continued Gavi Alliance engagement with all countries after they have transitioned from Gavi support. The goal of this engagement is to ensure that these countries sustain the gains achieved with Gavi support and mitigate potential risks to the sustainability of now self-financed vaccine programs. Any country that has or will have transitioned from Gavi support by the end of 2019 is eligible to apply for post-transition engagement support, noting that the support must be implemented in full by the end of 2020.

This document provides information on Gavi’s post-transition engagement (PTE), including how and when to request PTE support, and helps guide country-level stakeholders to submit successful proposals for support under PTE.

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LNCT Webinar Resources: Vaccine Prices for Countries After Gavi Transition

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