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LNCT Online Learning Course: Designing Behavioral Strategies for Immunization


Building your skills around diagnosing barriers to immunization demand.  


Apply the skills learned from these online course modules to design user-centered interventions to address vaccine hesitancy and demand generation challenges within your country.  


Developed in partnership with Common Thread, these online course modules are best suited for Ministry of Health and Country-Level staff in developing countries looking to build their skills around diagnosing barriers to immunization demand and designing interventions to address them. The first module introduces key behavior change concepts and models and walks through how to apply these concepts to individual country contexts. The second module outlines the importance of using data to design demand interventions, introduces key qualitative and quantitative research methods for understanding demand issues, and helps participants identify data sources that may already be available to them. The online course is free and available in English, French, Portuguese, and Russian. Access the modules by clicking here and creating an account. 

Key Points:

  • Module 1: Understanding and generating demand for immunization: 
    • Ever work on improving cold-chain management and training front-line workers only to realize virtually no increase in vaccine coverage? While supply side issues tend to be the primary focus of any immunization strategy, demand cannot and should not be neglected. This module focuses on the importance of generating demand, teaching learners the different types of demand, reasons why demand for immunization may be low, and how social and behavioral models can be used to understand and generate demand for immunization. 
    • By the end of module 1, participants will be able to: 
      • Define demand generation and vaccine hesitancy and understand the difference between them 
      • Identify behavior change models and how they can be used to influence behavior 
      • Map and identify barriers across the journey to immunization framework 
  • Module 2: Using data to understand immunization behavior and build demand strategies: 
    • The purpose of this module is to help you answer the most fundamental question for evidence-based strategies: How do you know? This question can be answered by looking into different sources of social and behavioral data and understanding when to use each source and research method. Understanding what tools to use for social data collection is crucial for uncovering people’s real motivations behind their choice to vaccinate or not. This module will take you through the most appropriate tools to use to understand people, their context, and the drivers for health and immunization-seeking behavior 
    • By the end of module 2, participants will be able to: 
      • Identify the data sources that can be mined to understand people’s thinking, motivation and behavior 
      • Identify the types of research tools that can be used to uncover people’s thinking, motivation and behavior 
      • Understand the benefits and limitations of different data sources and collection methods and when to use each 

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