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LNCT Webinar Resources: Ask Gavi – Programmatic and Policy Updates, Gavi 5.0 and COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to disrupt health systems and immunization programs around the world, Gavi has revised its policies and programs to provide flexibility for countries to respond to the pandemic and related economic challenges. In collaboration with Gavi, LNCT hosted webinar to connect LNCT country teams directly to Gavi staff as part of our Ask Gavi webinar series. This webinar focused on policy changes that have been made due to the pandemic, as well as updates for Gavi’s new five-year strategy (Gavi 5.0). Anthony Swan, Senior Program Manager,  Immunization Financing & Sustainability, GAVI, presented these changes and provided an update on their COVID-19 response.

Session Slides: English   | Portugués  | Français

Session Recording:

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