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LNCT Webinar Resources: New Tools to Track and Measure Equity

On Thursday, September 17 LNCT and the Vaccine Economics Research for Sustainability & Equity (VERSE) Project held a joint webinar on New Tools to Measure and Track Vaccine Equity. The VERSE team at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC) presented an innovative toolkit that is under development to measure and track vaccine equity. The presentation showcased the VERSE team’s approach to equity alongside mock-ups of the equity toolkit’s dashboards and output in order to elicit feedback to maximize adoption, usability, and policy-relevance. If you would like to provide suggestions that can influence the toolkit development or would be interested in piloting the tool, reach out to VERSE Principal Investigator, Bryan Patenaude, at

Session Slides: English | Français | Português |

Session Recording:

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