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LNCT Materials to Help you Make the Case for Investing in Immunization

Why We Need to Make a Case for Investment

Maintaining a high performing immunization program requires sustained commitment and funding over time.  Ongoing communication and advocacy are needed to maintain investments and to stimulate additional investments to achieve health goals. Advocating for resources for immunization at national and sub-national levels requires demonstrating the health and economic impact of proposed investments to convince decision makers to allocate funding for immunization.

LNCT created the PowerPoint presentations below to enable immunization practitioners to make their best case for investing in immunization by drawing on the most up-to-date evidence available.

How to Communicate Investment Needs Effectively

  • Keep it simple: avoid being overly technical
  • Be relevant: speak to current issues and motivators for your stakeholders
  • Cite evidence: use facts, data, and graphs
  • Elicit emotion: tailor messaging around children and future generations
  • Create incentives: show how stakeholders can benefit from investing in immunization
  • Explain threats and risks: messaging around consequences of inaction

View video in: Français | Portugués | русский

How to Use the Materials

The PowerPoint presentations are meant to be adapted to suit the immunization practitioners’ needs and audience.  They can be used in the PowerPoint format provided here, put into document form for a brief, or simply used to prepare for a verbal presentation with stakeholders.

Click on the language of the key message section below that you would like to review and the PowerPoint file will immediately download in your browser. Click the downloaded file to open the presentation. You will then be able to review, edit, or adapt the slides as needed or put the information into a different format.

Materials by Key Message:

Identifying Decision Makers and Structuring Effective Messages

How to identify stakeholders and how to effectively tailor your investment messages to each stakeholder. English | Français | Portugués | русский

Promoting Economic Growth through Immunization

Messaging around the various economic growth gains that result from investing in immunization. English | Français | Portugués | русский

Immunization is an Efficient and Cost-Effective Investment

Resources spent on immunization bring greater benefits than the same resources spent on most other health interventions. English | Français | Portugués | русский

Improving Child Health & Survival through Immunization

Messaging with data on how immunization improves child health and survival. English | Français | Portugués | русский

Reducing the Effects of Poverty through Immunization

Investing in immunization will help vulnerable populations, who are more likely to develop vaccine preventable diseases. English | Français | Portugués | русский

Why Immunization Funding Needs to Increase

Presents specific scenarios that may benefit from tailored messages to support immunization investment. English | Français | Portugués | русский

Tutorial Videos on How to Use the Investment Case Materials:

View video in: Français | Portugués | русский

View video in: Français | Portugués | русский

View video in Français | Portugués | русский

View video in: Français | Portugués | русский

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