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What We Do

LNCT’s mission is to build a diverse and country-led community that promotes high quality dialogue, experience sharing, and practical problem solving on the Gavi country transition process.


Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (Gavi) provides support to countries in a variety of forms, including vaccines for new routine vaccine introductions and campaigns; direct financial support for vaccine introductions, campaigns, and health system strengthening; and support for high performing cold chain equipment. Countries that have crossed Gavi’s eligibility threshold are in the final years of transitioning from this full range of Gavi support.

By 2020, half of the 73 Gavi supported countries are projected to have transitioned, be currently transitioning, or be close to entering the final, more accelerated phase of transition. The transition from donor to domestic public financing for health programs such as immunization is a new challenge faced by middle income countries.

Vision of Success

LNCT will increase the quality of dialogue and diversity of stakeholders engaged on Gavi transition issues within and among transitioning countries. It will increase the available evidence on drivers of successful transition in order to gain a deeper understanding of how to address common challenges and implement practical solutions. With these resources, country practitioners and policymakers will be better equipped to effectively manage the transition process, make better resource allocation and programmatic decisions, and to apply new ideas gained from connections to peer mentors and online resources.

Ultimately, LNCT will contribute to member countries’ achievement of the Gavi goals for improved sustainability and successful transition of national immunization programs. Specifically, LNCT activities will help:

  • Reduce the chance that vaccines will be dropped from the national schedule during or after transition
  • Contribute to maintaining or increasing coverage and equity of immunization activities
  • Build skills and ability to introduce new vaccines in the future

Strategic Objectives

LNCT aims to build a diverse and country-led community for peer-learning among countries as they prepare for the end of Gavi support. The network will do this by facilitating the exchange of experiences across countries and with development partners, and by supporting the co-development and synthesis of relevant practical knowledge. Sharing and synthesizing experiences across countries can generate new knowledge and lead to a rich source of information for how to apply good practices and address common challenges. Key milestones in the first three years are to:

  • Year One (2017): Successfully launch the network and build country momentum around successful transition
  • Year Two (2018): Dig deeper into critical issues related to successful transition and facilitate group problem solving
  • Year Three (2019): Consolidate successes, sustain country leadership and engagement, track results and impact

Core Components

With knowledge exchange as the foundation for engagement, LNCT engagements prioritize facilitated processes for knowledge exchange within and among countries. LNCT values building a community of practitioners that can engage both in person and virtually, and supports online engagement for LNCT members. Knowledge brokering, including linking to and leveraging existing resources for transition and tailoring resources for country needs, bridges these two aims to ensure that activities and information are practical, accessible, and relevant for busy country practitioners.

Technical Facilitation

to identify, document, and synthesize country experiences

Online Portal

for moderated, virtual dialogue and a members only resource library

Knowledge Brokering

links and leverages across existing initiatives and facilitates tailoring tools for country needs


LNCT is involved in collating resources and facilitating discussions in topics such as:


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