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Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (Gavi) provides support to countries in a variety of forms, including vaccines for new routine vaccine introductions and campaigns; direct financial support for vaccine introductions, campaigns, and health system strengthening; and support for high performing cold chain equipment. Countries that have crossed Gavi’s eligibility threshold are in the final years of transitioning from this full range of Gavi support.

By 2020, half of the 73 Gavi supported countries are projected to have transitioned, be currently transitioning, or be close to entering the final, more accelerated phase of transition. The transition from donor to domestic public financing for health programs such as immunization is a new challenge faced by middle income countries.

Strategic Approaches

As Gavi countries transition away from external support to full domestic financing of their national immunization programs, they need practical, actionable guidance to design and manage sustainable immunization programs. The LNCT approach combines collaborative learning and knowledge translation principles to bridge theory and practice for practitioners and policy makers managing the Gavi transition process and making resource allocation and programmatic decisions.

LNCT aims to amplify partner efforts to support Gavi transitioning countries by catalyzing new linkages and tailoring existing resources to match supply and demand for support on transition. LNCT engagements use a collaborative learning approach to generate new, practical knowledge and insight through practitioner-to-practitioner exchange on lessons, challenges, and good practices for transitioning key immunization program functions. LNCT knowledge translation activities aim to identify, filter, adapt, and communicate resources to relevant audiences in Gavi transitioning countries.

Technical Facilitation

Convene a diverse community of stakeholders to exchange knowledge and experiences

Knowledge Management

Gather, manage, and share relevant transition information

Linkage Brokering

Catalyze new linkages and tailor resources to match country supply and demand

Focus Areas

LNCT engagement is organized around four broad technical areas:

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