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WHO Region: African region World Bank Income Group:  Lower-middle-income country Gavi Co-financing Status: Fully self-financing Immunization System Highlights:

  • With the exception of IPV, Angola fully finances the cost of new and traditional vaccines in its immunization schedule. The IPV vaccine was introduced nationally in December 2017.
  • The Angolan National Immunization Advisory Group (NITAG) was established in December 2017 by a Ministerial decree, and had its first meeting in Luanda, in January 2018. Arrangements are in progress to have Angola’s newly established NITAG to provide support to other Lusophone countries in the Region which do not have a NITAG, such as São Tomé e Príncipe.
  • As part of Angola’s Gavi post-transition plan, Brazil’s University of Goias and Angolan training institutions are launching a twinning arrangement that will include in-person and long-distance training with the goal of building Angolan educational institutions’ capacity to train students in critical skills to strengthen the immunization program – such as health economics and statistics – and ensure a sustainable pipeline of skilled immunization and health professionals at the national level.

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