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Our resource library is a searchable collection of tools and documents related to various technical areas around the Gavi transition. The library consists of research articles, policy briefs, reports, guidebooks, country data, and other resources pertinent to Gavi transition or immunization programs generally. You can filter the resources by topic, type, or country. Some resources are available to LNCT members only and will require logging in to view.


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LNCT Workshop Resources: Financing and Managing Immunization Programs in Decentralized Contexts


April 20-22, 2021


  • How does decentralization affect the financing and implementation of immunization programs and what is the impact on the program’s coverage and equity goals?
  • What is the impact of decentralization on emergency response, such as in the case of COVID vaccine roll out?

Georgia COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Campaign to Address Hesitancy Issues

Authors: Ina Charkviani, Journalist and Communications Specialist, Curatio International Foundation and Lela Sturua, Head of Non-Communicable Disease Department, National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) of Georgia

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shake the globe, signs of hope are beginning to emerge as countries start implementing COVID-19 vaccination campaigns. Early evidence tells us the welcoming news that these vaccines are driving down both new cases and mortality rates.


Market Intelligence for Action: Preparing for Gavi-Transition Part 3 – Market Intelligence Resources for Product Access and Implementation Strategies

Authors: Jason Zhu (CHAI), Priscilla Rouyer (CHAI), Johanna Fihman (WHO), and Miloud Kaddar (LNCT)

In our previous blog, we discussed where to access resources on product choice and price. In this blog we cover the remaining core area, product access and its role in helping address supply shortages.

As you can see,


The Little Jab Book: 18 Behavioral Science Strategies for Increasing Vaccination Uptake


Learning about 18 strategies that can help increase vaccine uptake.


Consult this resource for ideas on how to overcome a specific known barrier or to start exploring barriers to vaccine uptake within your target population to build your own interventions.


While the COVID-19 vaccines have given the world hope that the pandemic’s end is in sight,

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Market Intelligence for Action: Preparing for Gavi-Transition Part 2 – Market Intelligence Resources for Vaccine Product Choice and Price

Authors: Jason Zhu (CHAI), Priscilla Rouyer (CHAI), Johanna Fihman (WHO), and Miloud Kaddar (LNCT)

In our previous blog, we discussed how Gavi transition and the resulting loss of access to Gavi-prices, increased financial burden, and loss of partner support may reduce a country’s ability to effectively procure vaccines. In this blog, we will go into greater detail on how countries can use market intelligence resources,


Market Intelligence for Action: Preparing for Gavi-Transition Part 1 – Gavi Transition’s Impact on Vaccine Procurement and the Critical Role of Market Intelligence

Authors: Jason Zhu (CHAI), Priscilla Rouyer (CHAI), Johanna Fihman (WHO), and Miloud Kaddar (LNCT)

Gavi-transitioning countries face many challenges in ensuring hard-fought immunization gains are maintained as external financial and technical support is reduced. Vaccine procurement is one area that may be affected by transition – but preparatory strategies do exist. The importance of market intelligence to procurement and Gavi transition may not be obvious because such support is embedded in Gavi and partner technical support and is less visible than co-financing challenges.


LNCT Resources: Learning How to Create Empathy and Build Demand for Vaccines Among Vulnerable Groups

LNCT, in partnership with Common Thread, developed two video case studies on vaccine demand in Vietnam. The stories detail the immunization journeys of young mothers in the H’mong community of Yên Bái Province, Cha and Do, through short films to be used for health worker capacity building. Their stories, captured in their own words, show how community engagement strategies can be used effectively to create empathy and build demand for vaccines among vulnerable groups.


LNCT Resource: Mobilizing Resources for Immunization in Decentralized Health Systems: A Desk Review of LNCT Country Experiences

As Gavi support decreases and countries take on a higher proportion of the financing of immunization, they must mobilize not only the funding needed for vaccines, but also funding for critical operational costs, including cold chain and logistics, service delivery, health promotion, and more. LNCT developed two resource products to illustrate how countries can mobilize adequate resources and promote efficient spending to sustain high immunization coverage in decentralized health systems.

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