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As I prepare to step back from LNCT, I want to thank all our members for their engagement and contributions to the network. Thank you for generously taking time to join webinars, contribute to blogs, and participate in workshops to mutually exchange information, sharing your challenges and successes so we may all learn from them. … Continued
ThinkWell and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health have published their findings on additional costs associated with modifications to routine immunization, mass campaigns, and outreach services during COVID-19 and they’d like your feedback: Do these analyses give you the necessary budget information to plan safe immunization services? Are there other cost calculations that … Continued
What are the most important strategies your country has implemented that have helped ensure the timely disbursement of funds for the national immunization program? In our webinar on June 23, we heard about what Nigeria has done to ensure reliable funding for vaccines. Please share your experiences on timely disbursement of funds below.
We recognize that countries and health systems across the world are being confronted with the burden of managing the COVID19 pandemic. We would like to understand its impact on immunization and transitions. Does COVID19 pose new challenges for immunization programming and/or the transition from Gavi assistance in your country?
As many LNCT countries consider the introduction of a national health insurance (NHI) system to achieve and sustain universal health coverage (UHC) goals, they must pay careful consideration to how public health programs, including immunization, are handled as NHI systems evolve. LNCT’s new brief, which came out of discussions from our NHI workshop in July … Continued
LNCT hosted a webinar on November 26, 2019 on Strengthening Public-Private Engagement for Immunization Delivery. Participants learned about key findings and observations from case studies on different ways that the MoH engages with private sector providers to support immunization program performance and heard experiences from two countries — Malawi and Georgia — with different models … Continued
Is your country able to provide reliable data to WHO and UNICEF on private sector immunization coverage? Please explain any barriers to providing reliable data.
How are sub-national governments contributing to the vaccine forecasting and budgeting processes in your country?
What have you found to be effective to addressing vaccine hesitancy challenges in your country?
For those using UNICEF procurement, what are the different roles of UNICEF and the MoH in the procurement process? Do you think these roles should evolve once your country has transitioned from Gavi support?
What challenges to vaccine registration are you experiencing? Are you currently using or considering using any fast track procedure? Do you have any questions and/or experiences, challenges, lessons learned on vaccine registration to share?
This question is for all LNCT members. It follows up on the very interesting panel discussion that we heard of private sector immunization providers in Indonesia at the LNCT network-wide meeting in early July. How does your government engage with private for-profit or non-profit immunization providers? Does the MOH distribute national immunization program vaccines to … Continued
Quero agradecer a todos os que estiveram presente nesta reunião em Tangerang, e que de uma forma direta ou indireta puderam partilhar as suas experiência sobre a transição e que acredito que ajudará muito nas decisões e futuras ações para o meu país.
I hope everyone had a chance to see LNCT’s newest blog describing the main takeaways from the first ever joint LNCT and UNICEF VPPN regional workshop on Vaccine Procurement in Tbilisi. If not, you can find it by clicking here. During the workshop, a number of countries mentioned that they are not getting enough responses … Continued
LNCT’s new transition dashboards provide a really helpful overview of transitioning countries’ progress and challenges and also highlight some areas where additional support to countries may be needed. For example, many countries’ health expenditures are now almost fully financed by domestic resources, but a low and even decreasing portion of routine immunization expenditure is financed … Continued
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