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Immunization Academy’s IA Score Assessment Tool

IA Score helps you quickly identify skills gaps with 11 tests that are aligned with the WHO’s EPI standards and global best practices. After completing each test, you will receive an individualized learning plan with links to video lessons to help you improve your immunization skills. You may take the tests as many times as you would like.

Once you pass each test, you will earn a certificate that can be downloaded and shared with managers and peers.

IA Score is part of the Immunization Academy suite of training tools, which includes IA Learn and IA Watch, the flagship video lesson website with over 88,000 users. Since 2017, Immunization Academy has created on-demand video tutorials to strengthen global EPI programs and has grown to provide self-paced courses, all based on WHO guidance.

Join the Immunization Academy community and ensure that you meet global EPI standards by testing yourself today. Log in with your Immunization Academy username and password to get started.

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