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LNCT Webinar: Lessons Learned from Sri Lanka’s Transition from Gavi Support

Sri Lanka’s national immunization program is cited globally and regionally as a successful model. The Expanded Immunization Program (EPI) maintains high coverage (98-100%) of all vaccines it offers, and a low incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases covered by the program.

Since 2016, the immunization program has also been self-funded. On November 19th, speakers will reflect on Sri Lanka’s experience transitioning from Gavi support and share a current perspective on challenges related to sustainability and maintaining the gains made in disease control over the past 30 years.

The speakers will present on how Sri Lanka:

• Secured domestic financing, and what other countries can learn from this process
• Fostered local capacity and leadership even prior to Gavi support
• Managed the transition to post-Gavi procurement and potential challenges.
• Makes decisions on new vaccine introduction

Dr Nihal Abeysinghe, Deputy Director, Institute for Research and Development
• Dr Sudath Peiris, Technical Officer, World Health Organization
Dr. Sudath Samaraweera, Chief Epidemiologist, Epidemiology Unit, Ministry of Health Sri Lanka

Session Slides: English

Session Recording: 

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