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The Learning Network for Countries in Transition (LNCT – pronounced “linked”) is a platform dedicated to supporting countries as they transition away from Gavi support to full domestic financing of their national immunization programs. Launched in early 2017, LNCT catalyzes linkages among a diverse set of Gavi countries in- or- nearing the final, accelerated phase of Gavi transition, as well as early post-transition countries, partner organizations, and a network manager who coordinates technical facilitation and LNCT operations.

Practitioners and policymakers in Gavi transitioning countries use the platform to access a network of peers, experts, and state-of-the-art resources for understanding and sharing the practical “how-to” of financing immunization programs during transition while maintaining high performing immunization programs and accessing affordable, high quality vaccines . With these resources, country practitioners and policymakers will be better equipped to effectively manage the Gavi transition process, make better resource allocation and programmatic decisions, and apply new ideas gained from connections to peer mentors and online resources.

Country Teams

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Operational Team

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Elizabeth Ohadi

Senior Program Officer

Results for Development

Grace Chee

Senior Program Director

Results for Development

Vaccine Confidence Project

View Profile

Results for Development

View Profile

Curatio International Foundation

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Helen Saxenian

Senior Fellow

Results for Development

Miloud Kaddar


MK International Consulting

Cristiana Toscano

Independent Consultant and Professor

Federal University of Goiás (UFG), Brazil

Keti Goguadze

Business Development Director

Curatio International Foundation

Ivdity Chikovani


Curatio International Foundation

Alexander Kvitashvili

Technical Consultant

Curatio International Foundation

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